Korea beat Japan which was the world’s top shipbuilding country for 40 years. Now Korea’s shipbuilding industry is the top of the world in ship orders and shipbuilding tonnage. The shipbuilding industry is Korea’s face and core industry. Also, shipbuilding capacity boasts its world’s top class on the basis of the best design force, onsite force, and optimized facility system. We would like to contribute to retain the world’s top position forever by forming a group called KSEG and an engineering group and a consulting group for shipbuilding and marine equipment.

KSEG (KOREA SHIPBUILDING ENTREPRENEUR GROUP) is an association of Korean shipbuilding exporters who aim for one stop service. It is a total service system; Anybody can request consultation, quotation, and data for construction and operation of shipyards from shipbuilding design to consulting through the KSEG system.

KSEG is currently diversifying business sectors and exporting technology actively by utilizing its own know-how and professional work force based on trust of diverse customers such as domestic and foreign shipping companies, shipyards, and marine equipment companies. At the early stage, we started exporting simple marine equipment. At present, we intend to expand its business to exporting packages of many devices and plants in the field of marine equipment, supplying shipbuilding designs and medium and small-sized shipyard operation software program, and consulting. In the near future, we aim to provide so-called customized service to meet clients’ needs together with many subcontractors from creating ships to selling ships: receiving new building orders, chartering ships, and selling used ships.

KSEG will continue to strengthen its core competence such as market information processing and organization through its excellent work force and global network. Also, we will play a leading role as shipbuilding experts by establishing branches in main trading regions continuously and creating more trading opportunities through accumulated experience and know-how.
Main businesses
  • Shipbuilding design & consulting
  • Consulting on shipyard design & operation
  • Supplying marine equipment packages
  • Exporting marine equipment-related plants
  • Exporting marine equipment-related plants SHIP'S SALE AND PURCHASING
  • Designing heavy material manufacturing and processing factories and consulting