In the shipbuilding management relativery in need of schedule or progress. We develop enterprise project management for shipbuilding system optimized for each shipyard by its projective environment and facility. This system can increase the productivity based on implementation and consulting integrated system. That is the greatest advanta- ge of us.



EPR SYSTEM for ship building and repair of small and medium shipyard
This system has developed smalll and medium shipyard exclusive EPR SYSTEM which organizes the small and medium ship building process into goal, practice based project process. It can be applied according to the divisi- on or act through the application of EPR, TOC of ship building and repair.

This software is total managing system to optimize shipyard operating system for purchasing of material, design, manufacturing, supplying by automatic control system on efficiency working flow at shipyard. The system is saving cost and time by realtime monitoring with managing yard condition and updating stocked material for using on time supplying to shipbuilding.


View from raw mat'l warehousing to forming

This facility show to flow for raw-material after warehousing to port and descaling, cutting, forming as necessary part for shipbuilding.


Stock and managing after unloading raw-material
from vessel.

Surface Pre-Treatment Line

Surface pre-treatment for supplying raw-material
from stock place

Forming Line

Forming for curved shell plate.

Cutting Line

Plasma and flame cutting type for descaled plate

Hull Shop & Block Election Equipment

This facility is for block assembling and erection equipment with lift and welding machines.

Semi auto Welding Gantry

The type of floor, girder line welding type by welding


Welding line for profile with panel line.

Propeller/Rudder Assembly Car

Assembling for propeller and rudder by exclusive car.

Cutting Line

For block joint Welding on shell plate by welding carriage

Block Shot Blast / Paint Equipment

This is the equipment for surface treatment & painting of assembled block in shop.

  • Blast Unit
  • Shot Ball Recovery sys.
  • Dust Collector
  • Airless Painting Equipment
  • Dehumidifier
  • Exhaust Fan


For control of humidity on paint
shop during painting.


For shot blasting by steel ball under
block on surface of block


For paining and shot blasting after
pre-surfaced plate with block.

Crane for Block Erection and Material Handling

This is the Shipbuilding facility for Unit block assembly in Dock and material handling of outdoor

Goliath Crane

Large-sized craning equipment for block erection,
and installed at outdoor shipbuilding yard.


For block joint Welding on shell plate by welding carriage

Floating Crane

Equipment for Mega Block Erection


Equipment for unloading the raw materials delivered
by ship.

Launching System

There are various kinds of Launching Equipments such like ship lift system, dry dock system, floating dock system and load-out system for moving the vessels to dock after construction on ground.

Ship Lift Load-Out System

Ship Lift

After ship-construction & repairing on ground, the ship can be lifted to dock and launched by use of ship lift system & load-out system.

Dry Dock System

Shipbuilding System at a dock providing support for
a vessel and a means for removing the water so that
the bottom of the vessel can be exposed.


A form of dry dock for repairing ships; it can be partly
submerged by controlled flooding to receive a vessel,
then raised by pumping out the water so that the
vessel's bottom can be exposed. Also known as floating
dry dock.