H-Beam & T-Bar Built-up Automatic Line

It is the automatic production line equipment which is manufacturing H-Beam & T-Bar, and the quality and productivity can be increased

H-Beam Fabrication Line

H-Beam auto-production line by use of professional build-up equipment.

T-Bar Fabrication Line

T-Bar profile auto-production line by use of professional build-up equipment

Pipe Fabrication Automatic Line (Offshore Jacket pipe)

Pipe fabrication automatic line is for specially qualified welding line system

Pipe Fabrication Line

Offshore Jacket Pipe is automatically manufactured by use of professional equipment

Welding Manipulator

It shows the automatic welding of Press Vessel in the direction of a longitudinal seam & girth seam.

Pipe Factory Facility

Facility for producing pipe spool of Shipbuilding and Industrial Plant

Pipe Facing MC

Beveling and Facing Machining

Pipe Coaster

Auto cutting machine for curve and hole of joint

High Frequency Pipe Bender

Bending the High Frequency Pipe with electronic heat

Cutting Line

For Both Cutting and Beveling

Port Bulk Handling Facilities

This is for loading and unloading crane to yard from vessels such as a Bulk Carrier & General Cargo Ship for raw material and goods.

Ship Unloader

Unloading bulk material consecutively from a bulk carrier

Multi Purpose Crane

Harbor Crane for loading / unloading bulk material

Coal & Cement Handling System

Loading / Unloading bulk material as coal or cement

Stacker & Reclaimer

Stacking and Reclaiming bulk material to yard