The entertainment system is to be of an IP based common system (triple play system) for; Television (multicast), Radio, Audio, Video on Demand (VoD), video publishing, various information/document publishing and Internet possibilities. The system is to be based/built on the BazePort Infotainment system or similar. TV signal reception shall be done from a satellite antenna/gyro stabilized TV antenna/terrestrial digital signal/coax signal (edit out not applicable options). The TV signal shall be distributed via coax cable from TV-antenna/reception to a coax multiswitch (minimum12 channel) to be placed in same TER (technical equipment room) as Entertainment equipment. All distribution from TER to cabin/accommodation shall be done on Ethernet optional CAT5/6/7. System must operate in a closed VLAN, sharing Ethernet with other IP communication system

Central equipment:

The Entertainment system shall consist of one or more 19” rack mountable servers. The signal shall be decrypted and converted to IP signal in a head end industry standard built IPTV gateway, such as the BazePort IPTVGW-101. The IPTV gateway shall be capable of decoding up to 12 transponders (for later expansion) including EPG (electronic program guide). In areas where only proprietary TV signal is available, such as SKY-TV, such signal shall be able to be implemented in a seamless fashion for the user. One central placed server shall contain the functional and operational software for the infotainment solution. Such as the BazePort server Bazesrv-100 or similar. This server shall contain software for the server, and shall be the deployment server holding software for the clients (cabin units). One server application shall contain Video on Demand functionality. This server application can reside on other server hardware or as a standalone unit. Remote support/service shall be possible via built in support Ethernet port and VPN.

Accommodation equipment:

One cabin terminal (small pc or set top box) shall be placed in each cabin, all lounges, mess, heli-reception and xxx . The unit shall be of type BazePort CT125 or equivalent. The accommodation unit shall connect to the central server equipment via Ethernet and operate on an enclosed preconfigured entertainment VLAN.

The following functionality shall be accessible/available during commissioning and/or at a later stage
  • TV ( with pause and playback)
  • Radio
  • Video on demand
  • Personal video recording (PVR)
  • Video upload
  • Internet browsing
  • Crew Portal
  • Digital Signage
  • Individual content access
  • Individual language selection
Other functionality:
  • Auto mute of system during PA/GA ( divided by PA zone), signal to be received via IO connector from PA/GA.
  • Deployment of software to accommodation units from TER placed central server for commissioning and replacement of equipment.
TV sets

One off LED Monitor/TV with stereo speakers, to be provided for each cabin, all lounges, mess, heli-reception and xxx. Proposed equipment must scale a PC picture correctly when HDMI cable is in use for connectivity to accommodation unit. Proposed equipment shall have standard VESA mounting. The Monitor/TV unit is preferred to be without built in tuner.

Monitor/TV sizes (example)

All crew cabin to be equipped with 22” All officers and client cabin to be equipped with 26” Captain, Chief and Owners cabin to be equipped with 32” All public accommodation to be equipped with 42”


It shall be possible via a remote connection configure and perform maintenance on most part of the entertainment system, at least install new versions of software, update single units and publish content.

One Cable option

The entertainment system shall operate on one or more VLANs. It shall be possible to share Ethernet cable with other IP equipment. Preferred is the “One Cable Options” where the entertainment system operates on the same ethernet cable as the IP-telephone system, operating on different VLANs. The IP-telephone system and the entertainment system will share a core switch for VLAN configuration. The core switch must be a three-layer switch with IGMP snooping ability, such as the Cisco 3560G. The signal is sent from core switch to the accommodation via edge switches, a layer two switch similar to Cisco Catalyst 2960 is suitable. Gigabit out on from edge switches is preferred. PABX and Entertainment server must have preconfigured range for MAC addresses for their respective clients, to avoid unwanted IP assigning from the different DHCP servers. The IP-telephone handset must have a built-in switch capable of 100Mb/s, preferred is telephones that has a possibility for IP trunking. Similar to the Alcatel IP touch 4018. The entertainment unit (net-top/set-top box) should have a built in wired or wireless hotspot for connectivity to Pads, smartphones or Laptops.