2012 Jun. [Small Business Innovation Development Project] Shipdex-based navigation and communication technology, data, and application development, e-Maintenance
2011 Nov. Acquired certification of green technology
2010 Jul. [Greater economic cooperation projects linked] for safe navigation of the ship near / far RADAR system development and commercialization
2008 Mar. [Industrial source technology development projects] E-Navigation corresponding IT-free fusion core technology development
Jun. [SW specialized foster local business] for the multi-purpose offshore ocean observation and monitoring robot
Jun. [Buying a conditional new development projects] haeyong cloth polo updated Argo Development
2007 Feb. Selected as a leading company in the IT field by Busan Metropolitan City
Sep. [National Weather Service] Science Exploration Production Buoy localization Delivery
2006 Mar. Selected as a participant company for a project to commercialize large wing-in ground effect ships by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Apr. [Common Development Project] selected export-led development of marine meteorological buoys
Aug. [Academic Cooperation Support Program] UAV aerial photography equipment developed for automatic selection
Sep. A project to replace buoys with domestically produced buoys in Tongyeong (Geojedo Island) and Yeosu (Geomundo Island) for the Meteorological Administration
Oct. Domestic production of buoys for scientific exploration
Dec. [Local Industry (emphasis) technology development] Gyro sensor based servo motion control system development
2005 Jun. [Next Generation Star Venture Enterprises Development Support Business] integrated marine information system selection situations
Jul. SME Technology Innovation (INNO-BIZ) selected
Jul. [Industry-academia-research consortium, joint technology development project] for multi-robot autonomous navigation system of the aircraft development Selected
Nov. Meteorological Mokpo, Incheon buoy replacement project execution localization
2004 Jan. [Next Generation Star Venture Enterprises Development Support Business] integrated marine information system selection situations
Apr. Registered in NMEA
Jun. [Marine Technology Development IT support business] marine information system data integration solutions selected situations
Jul. [Small Business Innovation Development Project] real-time monitoring • Safety monitoring system for ship selection
Dec. Superior Technology Company (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
2003 Jun. [Human Resource Training Project for Regional Strategic Industry Research & Doctor] Mobile Data Link and Sync trunk tracking antenna system for selection of development
Aug. [Small Business Innovation Development Project] Mobile Data Communications for trunk tracking antenna control system selection
2001 Jan. Selected as a superior technology company (Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
2000 Mar. 15 Venture Company Certification
1998 Aug. 26 Established the research institute (Maritime Information & Communication Research Institute